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There's absolutely no reason to do so, as the Jeopardy! format is well established and enjoyed by almost all, but I just don't understand all the arguing about the buzzer stuff. If you want to do it like everyone else does it, just don't show the answer(question) to the contestants (feel free to show it to those at home), have Alex read it out, and whenever anyone wants to buzz in thinking they know the direction the answer/question is headed, have at it, and Alex stops reading the clue.
I was watching some old Art Fleming Jeopardys on Youtube last night, and they did let contestants buzz in at any time, even before the question (well, answer, since this is Jeopardy) was finished. That said, Art continued reading the question all the way to the end before calling on the contestant that buzzed in to answer.

So between the 70s seasons and the reboot in the 80s with Trebek, they must have made a conscious decision to go from "buzz in at any time you know the answer" to "buzz in only after the full question is read and the light goes on." I'm guessing maybe to prevent some contestants from just constantly buzzing in right away even if they don't know the answer, as you still get the whole answer read to you? I don't know.

What was also weird is that I found some late 70s version of Jeopardy where there wasn't even a final Jeopardy round. It was played elimination style, with 3 contestants for the first round, two for the second, and then winner would play a "get five answers in a row" on the board (like in Bingo or a 5x5 version of tic-tac-toe) bonus round.

Watching the old Jeopardy! I just realized how much I miss the old "Think" music (played during the Final Jeopardy! round.) And I was surprised to find that it was the same music (or perhaps pitched slightly differently, but otherwise the same) in the Art Fleming years as in '84-'96.