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Originally Posted by Shot From Guns View Post
If we want to start adding videos, why not create a YouTube account that Arnold would administrate? Then, he could just link to the YouTube videos from the gallery. Bandwidth and storage problems solved.
Great idea!
Originally Posted by Arnold Winkelried View Post
That's an idea. My cheapo hosting plan I use for the site where the pictures are has 10GB of space and "unlimited Monthly Transfer Volume", but YouTube would obviously be better. I've never had a YouTube account, is there a way to post videos but disable comments? I wouldn't want to have to monitor the comments to remove spam or jerkishness.
Just checked my YouTube account (on which I have exactly two videos). Yes, comments can be disabled for each video. It's on the 'Info & Settings' page for the video.
Originally Posted by Arnold Winkelried View Post
Another issue is, how would people get the videos to me? They would be too big to e-mail.
Does your hosting account have a "public disk" feature? You could give people temporary passwords to upload to it, then review and upload to YouTube from there.

If not, there are numerous "public file storage" services out there. Here's Apple's take on it. Here's another. And a review of ten such services.

Or you could enable FTP access to a directory on your server for people to send to, which is essentially the same thing, but in pre-Web clothes.