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Originally Posted by Sunspace View Post
Does your hosting account have a "public disk" feature? You could give people temporary passwords to upload to it, then review and upload to YouTube from there.

If not, there are numerous "public file storage" services out there. Here's Apple's take on it. Here's another. And a review of ten such services.

Or you could enable FTP access to a directory on your server for people to send to, which is essentially the same thing, but in pre-Web clothes.
I doubt my cheapo hosting plan would allow me to enable FTP, and as far as I can tell, they don't have a "public disk" feature.
I know about the "public file storage" services, but I don't know of any that are free. I could use one of my .ME accounts for it, but I would prefer not to.

Hosting on YouTube seems better in several respects. Is anyone here volunteering to moderate a YouTube group? One of the problems with a YouTube group, if I understand it correctly, is that, if you want to submit a video for the SDMB but keep your identity secret (as much as you can), you would have to create another YouTube account (separate from your regular account - assuming you have one) just to join the YouTube group and post your SDMB video, which would discourage some people.