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Originally Posted by BigShooter View Post
Man, can my music kill a thread or what?! C'mon fellas, it's not THAT bad is it?

Well, back to guitars - I got a new guitar build brewing. Got a few nice pieces of koa when I was in Hawaii a while back and I figured I better get to doing something with them:

I bet there's a Tele hiding in there someplace...
Oh, man, I am sorry, BigShooter. We've had a few huge fires at work; the past couple of months have not been fun. I've barely been able to play guitar at home and barely able to hang out on the SDMB to take a mental break at work...

However, I *did* listen to a few tracks and basically agree with CookingwithGas - I really like the musicianship and really like the production quality - the parts are layered and leveled really well so they work together as a piece. The guitars sound really good. Great job. As for the vocals - there's a fine line between authentic character and affected style. For instance, some Kings of Leon/Caleb Followill tracks sound totally great to me; some sound like he is purposefully being obtuse and I want to smack him. I would need to live with the tracks for a while to see where I land on this one.

And if I am not getting back sooner, please know that I would MUCH rather be hanging out and talking guitars and music on the SDMB...

ETA: oh, and that Koa looks GORGEOUS! A simple body design like a Tele would really make the grain pop.

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