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I just ordered a bass VI.

A Schecter Ultra VI in Silverburst, to be precise.

I've long admired Fender Bass VIs but couldn't justify the price, and I'm really not too keen on the looks of the Schecter Hellcat VI, which looks like a poor man's Fender Bass VI. The headstock in particular bugs me. Do not like.

But I recently discovered the Ultra VI and I do like it. So much so that I have caved in to GAS after a couple of days of thinking it over. Well, last time I played a Fender Bass VI I spent weeks agonising over the fact that I loved it but that it was wildly expensive. Decided to pass, but it was a hard decision. Every time I pick up a bass VI I don't want to put it down again.

The Ultra VI is less than half what the Fender would have cost, it's different enough that it's not just a wannabe Fender (actually has more of a Gibson style: mahogany body and set neck) and I had some money burning a hole in my pocket. Done deal.

I'm in Australia, it won't be here for a week or two. Ah, well. If it doesn't end up grabbing me I'm sure I can sell it off here without much difficulty.