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Originally Posted by squeegee View Post
So, wait sec: is that a six string bass or a baritone electric? Or is that the same thing?
It's a six string bass. The line between baritones/basses gets blurry, but in general anything with a scale length of 30 inches or more is a bass... however, some people have installed baritone strings on 30 inch scale instruments and made, for want of a better description, long scale baritones.

So perhaps the dividing line is what strings you use and what you tune it to: an octave below standard guitar is six-string bass, if you tune it higher than that it's a baritone. "Baritone" string sets are lighter than "bass 6" sets, and on bari sets the two highest strings are plain, while on bass 6 sets they're all wound.

I'll be tuning mine to bass 6 tuning, but with the shorter scale (than a regular Fender-scale bass) the low E string can get pretty mushy. I've ordered some bass vi string sets, so I'll see how that goes. The low E on the sets I've ordered are .095, which is heavier than in most bass six sets, and if it's still mushy I'll see if I can find any 30 inch scale .100 strings.