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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I got to thinking, what if Adam Rose's Party Express was actually a cult, and terms like "Rosebud" and "Lemon" were actually equivalent terms for "Brother/Sister" and "Infidel"?

The cult would be like one of those post apocalyptic refugee camps where no adults were around to properly supervise the lives of child survivors of some major disaster. Adam Rose was the oldest child and became their leader, like that old Star Trek episode Miri. The kids had to learn to defend themselves from radioactive wolves and such, so Rose taught them "drunken master" style martial arts. They have to jump around and look like they're having fun and sing their Oh Oh-o-Oh Oh war chant, or Rose will take them to some dark place and they're never heard from again. The cult attracts freaks and midgets and girls who had plastic surgery to look like anime characters.

If you don't say you're a Rosebud, the cult surrounds you, chants LEMON! LEMON!, and drives you insane until your mind breaks and you finally swallow their rose-flavored koolaid. New converts still look like lemons who don't have fun, so they have to wear the bunny suit until they transform their faces to look permanently happy. JBL hates the bunny because he senses there's some sinister dark secret under the floppy ears, and he's right!

So it'd be like Undertaker's monks? Or whomever tagged around with The Brood back in the day?

So what'd everyone think of last nights ep? I worked so I couldn't see it, but I did get to come in at the Steph/Vicki...uh...mud? match? Or something? The main event was pretty bad for it being a go-home show, but they probably also didn't want to ruin anyone.