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Originally Posted by Biotop View Post
I predict Reigns wins and then is taken out by Rollins, who had won the earlier match. New champ: Rollins.
I'm not much of a WWE historian (much less recent history) but has a Money in the Bank winner ever cashed his briefcase in the SAME PPV?

I could see Rollins winning the MOB match, then later on have Reigns win the title, then Rollins cashes it in right then and there and wrestles Reigns for a RR double match.

Good in two fronts because you can either make Reigns look strong (winning the match, winning two in a row, winning against Rollins) and keep the belt for a bit, or have a "people's champ" heel kind of situation and have Rollins run around with it a while with a pissed off roster ready to chase him.