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Topics on the SDMB that you hope don't have the "Need Answer Fast!" line on

1. How long before a dead body starts to stink?
2. What should you do when faced with a Zombie Apocalypse?
3. What should you do when your car is filling with water because you're in a lake?
4. How long can a person go without breathing?
5. How long do I have to leave town before someone notices a person is missing, contacts the police, and they search my house and dig up my yard?
6. What should I do when cornered by an angry rabid pit bull?
7. What should I do when a deranged killer rabbit is trying to get into my boat? --Jimmy Carter
8. How do I avoid being deported?
9. That's 32 feet per second per second, right?
10. How do you unlock a car trunk from the inside?