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A Thread for the Mueller Investigation Results and Outcomes

Originally Posted by Morgenstern View Post
Manafort is 68 or so. All he has to do is tie this up in an appeal process, whether it is related to a pardon or one of the charges. The appeal will probably outlive him and he knows it.

Other way around:

"So, Paul, you're 68. "

"This thing goes to trial and you're convicted, you're looking at 10, 20 years in the federal pen. Might never see the outside again. Might die of old age in your cell."

"Or, you could share what you know with us, testify as needed, maybe get three years at Club Fed, and you're out at 71 or so."

"Your choice, Paul."
"I don't like to make plans for the day. If I do, that's when words like 'premeditated' start getting thrown around in the courtroom."

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