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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
The. Election. Is. Over! She. Literally. Cannot. Be. Running. She can't run for an office that is already filled, and she has not announced that she is running for any other office, and that is the point when we say someone is running for office. Trump didn't run in 2012, even though he did investigate running.

Clinton is not running for any office right now.

You seem to have misunderstood my post. I wasn't posting in GD where I actually wanted to know an answer. I was calling these guys idiots for beinging up Clinton. It appeals to their base, who do have that irrational hatred for her. But the rest of us know she is not running, and thus bringing her up is pointless. We can tell that it is obvious spin. So I was calling them stupid for doing it.
Tell that to the idiots on various liberal websites (I'm thinking of one in particular) that spent all sorts of time coming up with some way to shoehorn Clinton into the Presidency as a result of a Trump impeachment and removal. And if it wasn't Clinton, it was Pelosi.

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