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Originally Posted by China Guy View Post
How is this "shoving" Pelosi into the presidency? Shoving implying that it's nefarious, underhanded or unconstitutional. Sheesh, it's a fantasy that the Democratic Party wins a majority in the House and Senate at the mid-terms, then Trump and Pence are successfully impeached, thus making Pelosi speaker of the house President. Possible but pretty unlikely.
Fine, shoving was a poor choice of verb. You're right, if the stars aligned it's exactly the way the process would work and would be totally legitimate. But I think any such Presidency, even with a cooperating Congress, would prove to be very weak (especially since you're likely talking closer to effectively one year) and a likely Republican win in the following election. The idea was bandied about in 2006/2007 as well and was just as bad an idea then.

Fine, you got me. I don't have enough examples that aren't random people on DKos. And I haven't seen much, if any, of it in the last six months. But Clinton still comes up a lot on the left for someone who is pretty much a political non-entity at this point.