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Originally Posted by running coach View Post
How is it any more impossible than the crap you've been peddling?
+4. This is too sweeping to bother paying attention to you. First, I haven't peddled shit. If you believe I have, find a post where I name some foundation I want you to donate to or some store I want you to buy stuff at, something. Hell, I haven't even mentioned some society that is for the advancement of nanotech (is there one?). Second, some of my ideas are less scientifically certain than others*, but all are based on real, working principles, and to dismiss them all as crap reveals you are too ignorant to pay attention to.

*for example, we don't know we can cut apart a frozen human brain and recover the data, but given we have electron microscopes and have cut apart smaller brains from smaller animals and build emulators, we probably could in fact do it with humans. So the uncertainty exists but we have proof of concept.

We don't know that self replicating nanotech is possible but since we appear to be constructed of it, it probably is.

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