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Sammy. Try to understand, it's not you. We don't know you. We only know you from what you post. You're young and excited about technology. You let that excitement get in the way of reality sometimes. That's why people get on your ass.

It's not too late. All you have to do is listen to people who have more knowledge than you do in the fields you explore. Listen and learn. Asking "why" will never get you piled on. Telling experts that they are wrong because they won't listen to you, will get you piled on.

You're here in an world of people who have vastly different interests and education than you. Ask just about any question, and someone will have an answer or tell you where the answer is.
Free exchange of ideas, even far out ideas, is fine here. Your questions aren't the problem, it's your response to those who respond with facts you don't like that leads to the problems.

If I was in your position I'd immediately unblock those who you've blocked.
I'd start asking "why" instead of telling experts how it really is.
A year from now, you'll find that listening makes you much smarter than talking ever could.

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