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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
The field will winnow fast.

Not too hard to be able to afford to compete in Iowa and NH. Get there early and meet everyone. But those who are not already with sizable funding won't get much farther unless they've cracked the top levels in one or the other of those.
The problem is, you could have fifteen candidates right up to Iowa and New Hampshire, then the field abruptly collapses.

As I've been saying for over a decade now, given that the Presidential campaign season starts right after the midterms these days, we really need to start weeding out some of the vanity candidates during the odd-numbered year in between the midterms and the primaries. From 2008:
My counterintuitive solution would be to move the first few primaries and caucuses well into the year before the election. If Iowa and New Hampshire had had their caucuses and primaries in June and September of 2007, followed by Nevada and South Carolina in October and November, debates in the fall of 2007 would have been among a shrunken candidate pool - either because minor candidates would have dropped out, or because the debate organizers would have had concrete grounds to exclude them. At that point, the debates would have told us a great deal about the best 3-5 candidates, rather than a little bit each about eight or nine candidates.