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Jimmy Carter "came out of nowhere" to win the Presidency in 1976 and may be an exception to the rule I just stated. But he had a special charisma, and projected morality and sincerity. This was what the country was looking for then. I didn't follow politics in 1975-1976 but (though hind-sight is 20-20) I wonder if some who listened to Carter knew right away that "He was the guy."

Do any of the present crop of candidates have a special charisma? a special message or vision? (A message more than just anti-Trump.) Does any project, like Carter, "I am not the usual politician"? I've been clicking on speeches by the candidates and haven't found it. (Maybe Julian Castro? But support for him hasn't caught on at SDMB.)

Bill McRaven has the achievement that, IMHO, would catapult him to the top if he ran. But apparently his disease is too serious for him to run.
Some or all of the above statements may be intended as sarcastic.
andros had more faith in an American jury than I had; and he was right. I'm happy to lose a bet and hope this trend continues.