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I might regret this -- I probably will -- but I am becoming intrigued by the possibility of a Richard Ojeda campaign for president. This guy is what I have envisioned as being as the prototype presidential candidate: a social moderate but tough-as-nails fighter for the middle class, and an incontrovertible American patriot. Although he lost West Virginia, he went toe-to-toe against a conservative, which isn't easy to do in Mountaineer country these days.
Seriously? The guy who looked at Trump in the run-up to the 2016 election, was fine with what he saw because he thought Trump could bring back coal? That guy? The guy that thought that the ridiculous notion of 'bringing back coal' was more important than how obvious it was that Trump wasn't fit for office? That guy?

If he really and seriously though that, he's Palin-level stupid. If he didn't think that and still voted for Trump, he's beyond Palin-level stupid. He's a non-starter.

He voted for Trump. He is disqualified from any Democratic ticket, and should be disqualified from any elected position above 'dog catcher'.

He didn't just vote for a Republican. He voted for Trump.
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