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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Perhaps. But you totally missed my point, which was that by this point in the cycle the eventual winner of earlier elections was already a nationally known personality of great achievement and/or charisma.

Obama was attracting gasps of awe long before 2006. Bill Clinton had charisma, achievement, and national stature before 1990. Besides the obvious {Clinton, Gore, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, perhaps Cuomo} who do the D's have of such stature and charisma? If you mention names like Harris, Gillibrand, Booker, I'm afraid I'll need to ask for a cite on your dictionary definitions of "charisma, achievement, and national stature" and "gasps of awe."
One of my points was that resume and name recognition are largely moot. The guideposts laid by previous presidential cycles are being wiped out, if they're not largely gone already. Cultural shifts have changed how campaigns are run throughout our 200+ year history, and it's happened again. The election of Donald Trump, the advent of social media, memes, 24-hour newsertainment, super PACS, et al doesn't necessarily mean we have to look to campaigns 20+ years ago for how things are done now.

And frankly, I think you overestimate Bill Clinton's popularity and love among the populace prior to his actual run for the presidency. From what I remember his only national exposure was a very poorly-received long-winded speech at the DNC in '88. Other than that, he was a small-state governor that most people didn't think much about. He was charismatic, but people didn't know that at this point in 1990.