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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Bill Clinton had charisma, achievement, and national stature before 1990.
I'm sorry, but this is simply untrue. During the 1992 primaries the candidates were collectively referred to as 'The Seven Dwarves' because they had so little stature and national regard. That's not to say they weren't known, but they weren't considered national-level actors.

Bill Clinton, Paul Tsongas, Jerry Brown, Larry Agran, Bob Kerrey, Tom Harkin, Doug Wilder, Tom Laughlin, Eugene McCarthy (for fuck's sake).

Arguably, Clinton might not make the top three, there. Harkin, Kerrey and Brown had a lot of miles and prominence. Certainly more than Clinton at that point.

Heck, by 1992, Clinton was most famous nationally for absolutely bombing his 1988 DNC speech in which he went on for more than his allotted time and losing his audience. Sort of an 'anti-Obama 2004' thing.

Clinton was really known as the wunderkind he'd won the Governor's office in Arkansas, lost it and then won it again. Nothing more. If he appears as a hypercharismatic speechmaker in hindsight, we have to acknowledge that's what it is...hindsight.