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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I might regret this -- I probably will -- but I am becoming intrigued by the possibility of a Richard Ojeda campaign for president. This guy is what I have envisioned as being as the prototype presidential candidate: a social moderate but tough-as-nails fighter for the middle class, and an incontrovertible American patriot. Although he lost West Virginia, he went toe-to-toe against a conservative, which isn't easy to do in Mountaineer country these days.
He's the Jim Webb of this cycle but Webb was a Senator. But it's also possible Ojeda will do better simply because many Democrats realize they probably won't win if they can't win a good percentage of white working class voters. And unlike Webb, he has a compelling biography(grandson of illegal immigrants). And having Latino roots might make his message more palatable than a guy who has written books extolling the Scotch-Irish.