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I think it's hilarious that septimus thinks that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, or Barry Obama had well-established national stature and name recognition two years out. Jimmy Carter was yet to meet America as the post-Watergate outsider. Bubba Clinton wasn't even yet known as the too-far-right dork who was trying to pull ahead of Paul Tsongas. Barry Obama was new, so new we didn't know what part of Africa an "Obama" came from.

And at this point in the cycle, I think Republicans wanted Jeb, not Dubya, if one of Poppy Bush's sons were to run.

It may be that when it came to events like nominating conventions, the Clinton-Democratic Party didn't do a good job of lifting up rising stars outside the family, for fear of creating a challenger to Mama Hillary.

But freaking Amy Klobuchar and Tammy Baldwin have higher overall stature now than Dubya, Obama, Bubba, or Jimmy Carter did at this point in those cycles, and their reps are two heads shorter than Betsy Warren's.

And yes, I still think it will be a woman.

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