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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
It’s funny but obviously not surprising you have that race based double standard on language.
I don't. If Shodan was a comedian doing a satirical bit on language and the absurdity of racism, then I'd evaluate it differently. Satirical comedy bits are different than serious assertions about the appropriate usage of hateful slurs.

With regards to using ugly language? We are in a time where the hysterical Pavlovian response to certain words is so extreme you must be crazy to think I want to discuss something that requires maturity and nuance and honesty in the Pit.
So you're afraid? We've had decent discussions in the Pit before. But if you're scared, then you don't have to take part.

Here's what I think -- the n-word (that specific slur in Standard American English -- not the inocuous slang word used similarly to "dude" in African American Vernacular English) has been used for over a century to denigrate the very humanity of black people in America. And this denigration of their humanity served a purpose -- to allow otherwise decent people to tolerate, support, and even participate in abominable acts of violence, brutality, and oppression of black people. Decent people generally are incapable of beating, raping, or lynching an inoffensive stranger. But if they're not really human, and more like vermin, then suddenly decent people are capable of being persuaded to take part (and certainly capable of tolerating and even supporting such acts and policies).

It's impossible to separate that word from that history. Every time it's used in anger as a slur, it's a reminder to the target that your forebears were bought and sold, beaten and raped, shot and hanged, just because of the color of their skin. The idea that some humans actuall would qualify for that kind of thing is terrible for our society, and just adding to the gigantic heap of shit that black people already have to deal with.

Shodan says he's not afraid. I wonder if he's "brave" enough to actually refer to black person (say, a violent criminal) by that word in the presence of any of his African American friends and neighbors. If not, why do you think that is? Is it because he thinks those friends and neighbors (I'm assuming he does actually have some black friends and neighbors) are pathetic liberal snowflakes who can't handle naughty words? Or is it because he knows that using that word really might pull up some deep-seated, awful but reasonably-held negative feelings, based on their own personal and family history, that would be wrong to instill in others, simply so that he could use a certain word he'd like to use? Assuming I'm correct, and he would refrain from doing so, I think it's because of this last reason, as opposed to a fear of violence -- because he does have some decency within him, and has no interest in causing such legitimate pain to other decent people. And thus some part of him (I'm guessing) probably knows that using that word is wrong, but another part him is too proud to let him admit it -- to liberals, certainly, but maybe even to himself as well.

So there's some "maturity and nuance and honesty", if you're at all interested. All speculation, of course -- I'm no mind reader.

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