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A surprising amount of my herbs overwintered - I've got parsley, bay leaf, oregano and chives from last year, so I've only purchased another oregano plant and some basil so far. I may get some dill and thyme, haven't made up my mind about that yet.

My strawberry plants overwintered for the second year as well, so we'll see how those do. They're in a planter, so I might need to find a spot in the ground for those in the fall; they'd really like to spread but can't do it from a planter and they sure seem hardy enough.

I need to find a place for the wintergreen as well - they're also in a planter and I think it's time for those to go in the ground. Not sure they can compete with the weeds that always want to come up in the front garden beds so I may make a new place for them.

The raspberries I planted last year are looking good and I hope they flower this year. The blueberries are also looking OK and they didn't get singed by the last frost this year so that's a plus.

Tomatoes and peppers have been planted and so far so good for those.

I have a new American cranberry bush and a lilac that I just planted. We don't have good luck with bushes so if they last for a few years I'll be pleased.

The snap peas I planted from seed are just coming up and if it stays warm through this week I'll plant my cotton seeds.