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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Sorry, but it IS irrelevant to these sorts of discussion. The thread is about what makes Dems left or far left...not where we compare to Europe. Why does it matter where Europe stands on an issue when we are talking about Americans and American voters?
I suggest that it can be relevant if you want to extend the discussion beyond just applying labels to things, i.e. it's fine to consider the United States a closed system with a well-defined boundary and attempt to classify all political views held by its citizens (and only its citizens) in an effort to arrange them on a scale from most right to most left, for what that's worth, like you were sorting jelly beans by colour or something. Maybe this is a mildly entertaining intellectual exercise, as far as it goes.

I suggest a broader knowledge is useful when it quickly goes beyond merely arranging political views on a scale to declaring, for example, that people who hold views at coordinate X on the American spectrum are eagerly looking forward and indeed working toward the construction of a vast network of concentration camps for the re-education and as necessary liquidation of undesirables. If one can point out that several other functioning democracies have policies in place roughly equivalent to coordinate X but don't have concentration camps, one has a basis for calling the claim specious.

Is AOC really "loony" ? What are some of the things she has actually said that seem particularly lunatic? Is she describing implementing something in the U.S. that, say, Canada already has? Would that make Canada a lunatic place? Are you comfortable sharing a long undefended border with such a place? Or maybe it's just easier to say Canada's policies are irrelevant by definition if that avoids the mental dissonance of having to rethink one's opinion of AOC.

By way of disclosure, I don't have any particular knowledge of AOC's stated goals, but the political rhetoric in the U.S. has degenerated to such a degree that calling her or anything "loony","socialist" or "ultra" in any sense has lost all meaning.

If you don't want to care, feel free not to care. No skin off me.