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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Because we're ALL sitting on the same blue marble. When the USA gets it OWN blue marble, we can ignore the Earthlings.
Cool. I'm sure this works both ways then, yes? Every other country uses, say, the US as their yardstick to measure where their political parties are and what they should be doing, right?

Sorry, but while I'm not saying we ignore what everyone else is doing, wrt to how our political system works and how we measure left to right, what they do is less than meaningless. Know why? Because they don't live here. They don't vote here. Yeah, we all live on the same blue marble, but that means nothing when it comes to how voters in individual countries vote for their local political parties. The French don't say 'Well, how did Joe Biden vote on this issue? We should really look into what the Democrats are doing to judge where we should be on issue X!'. It doesn't happen, nor should it.

See, the reality is that when Europe gets to own the US (and has their shit together enough to actually be an actual unified polity in any case themselves, which they aren't) THEN they get a stake in where and how we should judge left/right and center wrt the US. Currently, they don't. It's exactly the opposite of how you and others are making it out to be, and, sadly, you don't even seem to see it. The disconnect in saying 'When the USA gets it OWN blue marble, we can ignore the Earthlings' is literally so vast I don't even know where to start. You are saying, essentially, that US voters, and Democrats should measure our political system against other countries because the US doesn't own the world. What...the...fuck??

That's what happens when you let rednecks play with anti-matter!