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Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
Far left, or ultra-left is anything that is to the political left of ME
President of the NC Senate Phil Berger is coming after teachers, guns a-blazing, for rallying in Raleigh this coming Wednesday. He's seen the same polls that I have, showing a solid majority of Tarheels support the rally and almost all of our demands, so his schtick is that we teachers are gullible idiots being led around by the "Far left NCAE."

Our demands are absurdly milquetoast, though:
1) Apply the minimum wage that applies to all other government workers to education workers as well, and give educators a 5% raise.
2) Expand Medicaid in the same way that 37 other states have done.
3) Increase staffing of student support positions (e.g., nurses, psychologists, etc.) to nationally-recommended levels.
4) Reinstate pay for advanced degrees, as nearly every other state does.
5) Reinstate retiree health benefits for those hired after 2021, the same benefits our state has offered its employees for decades.

It's reasonable to debate these propositions, of course--but it's absurd to characterize any of them as "far-left." My proposed far left chant for the rally is:
Hey, hey!
Ho, ho!
Make North Carolina Public Education Rankings
Just slightly less low!
I think Euphonious Polemic has it exactly right.