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Gotta love Chicago weather; a couple of weeks ago it was snowing, and then Sunday it was 75 degrees.

As usual I appear to have bitten off more than I can chew, even with 8 raised beds and the 2 long skinny ones against the garage. I was hoping that the kale, radishes, bok choy and other Asian greens, carrots, beets, peas, and spinach would be petering out by now, but they are really just getting going in earnest. So I think the only way I will be able to plant the rest of the peppers and eggplants and sow the squash and cucumbers and melons will be to intersperse them wherever there are bare spots. (Or maybe sacrifice a few sprouts.)

That shouldn't be too difficult for the cucumbers and melons; those will climb up a trellis in the 20' skinny bed, and that trellis is already in the bed and doesn't have anything planted behind it, so I can just stick the seeds at the base of the trellis behind the other greens that are growing there. But then I will end up with a giant jungle of vines, because the peas are just now getting going. If it warms up, though they will probably start growing 6" a day! Remind me about this next year.

The squash were supposed to climb up another trellis which was supposed to go where the spinach is currently growing faster than I can eat it, and one of the varieties of carrots is just starting to get feathery tops. I guess I will just have to sacrifice a bit of spinach toward the back of the bed so I can stick in some squash seeds and be able to see what they are doing?

There are a handful of sprouts that look a lot like garlic in the bed of beets and kale, but the leaves don't smell like garlic. What could they possibly be? Should I leave them, or yank them?

Also, remind me next year not to sow seeds so thickly. I think we will need to be eating radish and bok choy and cabbage and cauliflower thinnings for the next couple of weeks. What can I do with them? If they are really tiny, I have thrown them into salad, or sometimes in with scrambled eggs. Bizarro mixed tofu stir-fry? Soup? Any other creative ideas?