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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
So, let's just separate two issues here: the character of the person making the case for war; versus the actual case for war.

What I suspect is that there is one of to things going on here. Either it's a fixation on how bad some person is because of their cowardice, or it's an ad hominem that purports to color the arguments for/against war by painting its proponents as bad people.

To the extent that someone advocates for an immoral war, I'll generally have a bad opinion of that person whether they want to enlist or not. If someone supports a just war, the thing being advocated is so much more important than the personality of somebody supporting it, so I'm not likely to change my mind much on that count, either.

So I can't see how the OP's argument is going to color my opinion on anything under any circumstances.
Agreed - my OP is purely about the personal character of those who make certain arguments. It shouldn't influence your opinion about any particular case for or against any given war.
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