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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
I think it is pretty clear the Warriors are gonna lose this series unless they get at least one of KD or Klay back. They simply aren't strong enough to beat Toronto with both of them out. If they get ONE back, they have a chance, albeit not a really great one. If they get both back (close to healthy) starting in Game 4, I'd say it's 50-50 they can win three out of four.

The fact the Warriors were actually the favourite going into last night's game with both Klay and KD out is just insane. In no rational way did that make sense. These aren't the Raptors of 2017.
I’d agree, generally. I’d be a little bit surprised if Durant was even 100% effective. My hunch is that there would be an emotional boost for the game he comes back that would dissipate as time goes on as he won’t be at full strength.

For Klay, history suggests that if he were physically able to play, he absolutely would. That says he is actually in real discomfort. Even if he comes back next game, I can’t imagine him being at full strength either.

So the question they need to ask themselves (Warriors) is what percentage of Klay and Durant would be an added value situation. Based on last game, the number is rapidly decreasing. If I were Vegas, the series needs to be somewhat in the vicinity of even money, no?

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