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Originally Posted by drm View Post
Id agree, generally. Id be a little bit surprised if Durant was even 100% effective. My hunch is that there would be an emotional boost for the game he comes back that would dissipate as time goes on as he wont be at full strength.

For Klay, history suggests that if he were physically able to play, he absolutely would. That says he is actually in real discomfort. Even if he comes back next game, I cant imagine him being at full strength either.

So the question they need to ask themselves (Warriors) is what percentage of Klay and Durant would be an added value situation. Based on last game, the number is rapidly decreasing. If I were Vegas, the series needs to be somewhat in the vicinity of even money, no?
Hamstring injuries are bad in any sport, but they're crippling in basketball. I just remember Magic Johnson coming up lame in game one of the 1989 Finals and thinking "Congrats, Bad Boys."