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Liking this stat: in 99 play-off games over the last five years, The Warriors have allowed their opponents better than 50% shooting just ten times (and going 2 - 8 in that spell). The Raps have already shot over 50% in two out of these last three play-off games, which has no bearing whatsoever on the absence of Durant and Thompson.
Far-out, man.

Saw an ice-wrap on Durant, but it was way down closer to his foot, as opposed to up on his calf. I only play a doctor on TV, but I'm going with Achilles, here.
Which tells me, no - not a snowflake's chance in Hades he's coming back in this series, even if it goes to seven.

I'm in no way convinced the Warriors can muster enough D to win this. Curry, himself, acknowledged that offense alone won't win a championship.

Buddy in front row who shoved Lowry and then twice told him to go fuck himself is a GS investor and member of the team's executive board and has been banned from the NBA for a year, fined $300,000, and will most likely have to sell his shares before next season's start. My only takeaway from that is Thank Og they make courtside seats with "give", orelse, let's face it, the woman in yellow could very well have ended up in hospital. Give it a couple of looks.