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Originally Posted by Helena330 View Post
It was wrong and if the woman finds out about it, she'll be uncomfortable (or worse). Maybe even to the point of changing gyms.
She should report him to the management so that HE would have to change. And he should be grateful if she doesn’t pursue it further.

But sadly it’s all too likely she won’t “want to make trouble,” especially after the OP makes her feel guilty about being upset.
Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
I don't think a person's name and address is information that is all that private. .... We (used) to have books that published this information along with phone numbers.
And we used to have the option of getting an unlisted number.

If your purpose in finding out that information is to come over and mow my grass, then more power to you. Hedges also need trimmed.
All the men saying crap like this need to shut the fuck up and consider this from a woman’s perspective. He did this to a woman, not a man. THINK before you post. Jesus.