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Rather curious on page 9:

Hannity: Gorka is right. This is a banana republic
Hannity: Republicans suck

I presume he's talking about this. But, of course, Hannity blames the Republican party rather than Democrats.

As has been noted before, the Trump investigation was started by and lead by Republicans. Hannity seems to admit that the Deep State is not Democrats, it's "everyone in government except Trump". Which is, in essence, true. The only issue being that most of the people in government are largely non-partisan and just want to do their job professionally, and most of the Republicans are simply siding with the professionals over Trump. And up till such a point as Trump makes any sort of coherent argument for his side, supported by any form of logic and/or numbers, siding with the professionals is the correct choice.

The professionals can be wrong in some instances, but Trump is only against them to the extent that he doesn't want to admit that he doesn't know anything and just said a bunch of stupid shit while trying to get elected. That's not how you outperform the professionals.

Page 17 -

Hannity: Disgusting. I'll be in the cell next to u.

As of yet, we have no reason to think that you will, Hannity. Curious that you do.

Reading through the whole conversation, I think it's fair to say that Weissman's book deal is about the stupidest thing a human has ever done, and is a strong punch to the testicles of our country. I really hope that he'll change his mind.