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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
You know what my next question is.

If applying to the courts isn't the answer, then how do we "solve the issue"?
I said that the path is to get there faster. We're basically fucked. The solution is to get fucked faster.

Announce impeachment hearings. Throw in everything from Russia to Montenegro to the IRGC to making jokes about being President for life to making threatening calls to Joe Scarbarough to arresting asylum seekers illegally to whatever all else that Trump has done that is an impeachable offense.

Have the White House completely refuse to cooperate.

Take it to the Supreme Court, and have them decide that Congressional oversight - particularly for impeachment - allows no refusal.

And then we get to the scene where the Congressional are raiding the offices of the DOJ to arrest people for Contempt of Congress. That's where we're going. The fastest path there is the safest one.

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