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Originally Posted by Sparky812 View Post
Relocating the Kuerig is the simplest answer.

However... you should not ignore why the breaker was tripping. What is the amperage of that breaker? What else is on that circuit? Is it a dedicated kitchen circuit? Does it have a GFCI breaker and/or outlet. How many times has it been tripped?

FTR, around here each kitchen outlet should be on a dedicated circuit with minimum 12 gauge wire and a 20A GFCI breaker. A GFCI outlet is required if within 36" of a water source.

If you're using a regular outlet in a house, office, classroom, etc.. it could have multiple outlets on the circuit and a 15A breaker would not be able to handle the load.

ETA after some googling it appears the Kuerig could peak at 1000-1500W which is about 9-13A while a typical 1100W microwave peaks at 10A.
I don't know where you live, but I've never seen a kitchen in the US that has every outlet on a dedicated circuit. Generally speaking, the refrigerator (and possibly microwave) is on its own circuit, but other outlets are not. All are protected by GFCI, however.