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Originally Posted by rbroome View Post
This floating neutral sounds serious. How does one test for this problem?
Is there something a knowledgable homeowner can do?
It is serious. Mostly it is found by empirical evidence. Turn off light in kitchen and living room lights dim. Motors seem to surge or not run at rated speed; sometimes faster sometimes slower. Motion activated LEDs stay on dim with the switch off. I've smoked electronics by knocking a wire nut off in a junction box. One reason not to share neutrals between circuits.
For your house, a loss at the transformer requires a call to your power utility. Your breaker panel mains would require a pro.
If you suspect one and your house is fairly recent, on a turned off line I'd check for continuity between the neutral and ground at an outlet. That would be the slot that shows zero voltage to ground normally. With everything else on the circuit unplugged, run a space heater and, on an unused outlet but same circuit, check for voltage between neutral and ground. That should still be zero. This checks that specific circuit between that point and the breaker panel mains.

Or get this for <$20.
This place is beginning to feel like a tin foil hat convention.

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