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Originally Posted by Keith1 View Post
This is exactly why I don't own a radio—other than what's in my car, where I have a satellite radio subscription. I do have a couple thousand CD's/records. I don't like music dictated to me, or squeezed into some category. Ever tried to browse disks lately (lately means several years at least). There are so many stupid categories of music how does one separate them all.
There's a ton of crap out there. It will be played on commercial radio. . . In between 10 minute commercial breaks and listening to a moron. There's tons of good stuff out there as well, by astounding musicians. Sadly you won't find any of it on your radio dial.
Having to listen to "Classic rock" commercial ( non-satellite ) stations is one big hurl-fest. I just had to endure 7+ hours of a co-worker blaring one such station on his boom-box and I was completely drained by the end of the day. I just can not understand how some people can be so inured by a raging cacaphony of raging idiot DJs and screaming bubbly commercials. It's like it's nothing to them. Then there's the matter that all that time there was 2 or 3 decent tracks at the most that were NOT the same sell-out/corporate rock/yacht-rock schlock that I never like the first time around.

Apparently the station programming director firmly believes its audience wish it could be vanilla-land in 1977 forever.