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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
Just a skim told me that the study was specifically about speed dating.
Yeah, they took 5782 speed daters and charted the women's height requirements that the women themselves stated (min and max) and did competitor analyses on how many men would have to compete for a woman at each height. That seems perfectly reasonable to me. I did speed dating a few times and it was fun. Do you think it could have been studied a better way?

This other height study showing women were happiest when the man was 8" taller than them used a sample of 52,677 people:

But I can't find a full text version for free and I don't care enough to pay to read that methodology. In my experience most of the girls that were easiest to date did tend to be around 6-8" shorter than me. I've dated girls with closer heights but it's never been so easy as when I've been that much taller myself.