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Originally Posted by Go_Arachnid_Laser View Post
Oh, bluesmen copied each other all the time. Like constantly. And they were basically just a guy and a guitar, and still kept copying musical tricks from each other.

You... you think they all made so much similar stuff independently? That it all was a giant coincidence?
The question is what parts of a song are considered the protected creative element and what parts are considered the common tools of music craft and genre.

In the link given above to Rick Beato’s Vlog, he puts forth the common belief that “the song,” that is, the thing you can’t copy, is the melody and lyrics.

In this case, the plaintiff’s song has no melody, because it’s a rap, so the only thing that’s left is the lyrics, which’s aren’t similar to the accused work.

This is actually a big deal in the music world—where do you draw the line and still give songmakers enough leeway to participate in the market for new songs and use musical elements in the ways that they’re accustomed.
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