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Originally Posted by Go_Arachnid_Laser View Post
Right. So if you, for instance, made a song, and some rapper or EDM Dj took a riff from it and made another song with it, without giving you any credit, let alone any part of the royalties, you would be fine with that.
Actually, when I read this again, I'm wondering if you are talking about sampling a recording rather than taking a riff from a song.

To be clear here, when we talk about music copyrights, there are two separate protected works--an underlying composition, which is called the "musical work," and a recording of a particular performance of a musical work, which is called a "sound recording."

This case was about infringing a musical work, a composition, not sampling a sound recording. Those are two different things.

Sampling a recording is infringing--it's a much easier case. Someone else's recording is not one of the basic building blocks of music. You can use a riff--just play it on your own instrument with your own hands. You can't swipe a piece of someone else's recording.
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