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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
For point of comparison: Suppose that I make a recording of Elton John playing scales on a piano. I then write my own song, completely from scratch, and I "perform" that chord by picking out notes that Elton John played, and playing those notes back one at a time. In that case, I am sampling, even though the song was my own original composition.
No, the right comparison would be that you are a DJ. You are used to making EDM tunes, building them by layering samples of existing music.

One day, you listen to an Elton John song, you enjoy a short part he plays on his piano, and use that as the basis for a cool new song.

Now, you made a song using a sample of somebody else's work. You feel it's going to be a big hit. However, you realize that Elton John's lawyers are going to ask for the correct attribution to their client. That means less money for you.

So you change a couple notes from the original, and have a studio pianist play them. Bam, now you will happily claim that the sample you're using to make the song is yours, written exclusively by yourself and nobody else. Elton Who? Never heard of the fella.

Which is what I mean with "disguised sampling".