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[QUOTE=Sitnam;21791658]In Blue Highways, William Least Heat-moon road trips off the beaten track and rates cafes based on how many calenders they have on the walls. The more they have the more of a home cooked family restaurant it is likely to be.

Other cultural authenticity is restaurants gotta have this too. In the Twin Cities these are my observations:

If it's in another language or at least the English translations for the items have spelling and grammar mistakes you're in the right place.

Mexican - if they DON'T put out a basket of chips and salsa when you sit down.

Vietnamese pho - if they only accept cash.

Chinese - it's all not authentic here, but if they don't have the zodiac placemats at least the food isnt just recooked Asian Foods fare.[QUOTE]

Only problem I see here is, no matter who's cooking, "authentic" has never been and will never be a synonym for "good."

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