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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Chips & salsa have nothing to do here with the "authenticity" of a joint. Half the places will serve you up with still-warm chips and a couple of homemade salsas (sometimes one of those is even warm.) .
Agree 100%

My post above yours should have added that the places I mentioned in Cabo and Ensenada where I had some truly fine meals all served chips and salsa, (although maybe one just served corn tortillas and an assortment of salsas, no tortilla chips) but I have to say that at least some of the other patrons were not Mexicans, but the food was truly excellent.

(I got the specific recommendation for the place in Ensenada from Chicago chef Rick Bayless' TV show, and although he looks about as "white" as a human body can possibly get, he apparently knows Mexico and Mexican cuisine as well as anyone not actually born in Mexico possibly can)