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Back in the day, before it became painfully fashionable, my cousin took us out to a restaurant in Brick Lane, London. (For those that know the area, this was so long ago that you could park outside the restaurant - how 'bout that?)

He said that it was so authentic that it wasn't safe to drink the water. How could you use that as a practical predictive test? - well, it's a challenge.

Now, if you happen to be in Seville....we're working our way through Spain on city breaks, and one thing that is really noticeable about Seville (and I think also Granada, though it was Seville where we were really struck by it) is that you now see Japanese and Korean restaurants full of (what I assume to be) Japanese and Korean tourists, to the exclusion of pretty much anyone else. Presumably opened to serve the Asian tourist population - and I can only see this trend continuing. Busy as Hell, and we were there in February. Of course, we hadn't gone to Seville to eat Korean, so I can't offer you a report, but I would be optimistic about their authenticity.