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Back in the day, before it became painfully fashionable, my cousin took us out to a restaurant in Brick Lane, London. (For those that know the area, this was so long ago that you could park outside the restaurant - how 'bout that?)

He said that it was so authentic that it wasn't safe to drink the water. How could you use that as a practical predictive test? - well, it's a challenge.

Originally Posted by Treppenwitz View Post
Now, if you happen to be in Seville....we're working our way through Spain on city breaks, and one thing that is really noticeable about Seville (and I think also Granada, though it was Seville where we were really struck by it) is that you now see Japanese and Korean restaurants full of (what I assume to be) Japanese and Korean tourists, to the exclusion of pretty much anyone else. Presumably opened to serve the Asian tourist population - and I can only see this trend continuing. Busy as Hell, and we were there in February. Of course, we hadn't gone to Seville to eat Korean, so I can't offer you a report, but I would be optimistic about their authenticity.

I wouldn't guarantee it - sometimes, I get the impression Chinese and Japanese tourists veer towards signs of home, fearful of the local cuisine. Often escorted straight there by tour operators. Don't think it's a guarantee of quality.