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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
If they had ice water with alcohol in it, i would just drink that. Who drinks beer for taste?
Some beers are really tasty, if you're use to drinking Bud Light, I fully understand your point of view though.

There are dozens of styles of beers and 1000s of different beers now. A Cream or Milk Stout is practically a desert drink. To me Porters like Yuengling, George Washington, Founders and Saranac are extremely tasty. Also, the hobby of finding beers you really enjoy is fun and gives you something else to discuss with friends and strangers.

Besides, it is a lot of fun to have complete beer snobs like silenus tell you why your choices are wrong and it makes him happy to have the chance.

ETA: I like a Shiner Bock from time to time. I usually only buy it when I can get a 12 pack on sale though. It doesn't taste much like a black & tan though.

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