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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
I'm a beer snob aficionado, but my daily drinkers here are Old Style and whatever Polish lager happens to be on sale at the local Eastern European grocery (Okocim, Żywiec, Tyskie, Łomża, generally in that order of preference). Occasionally, I'll sub a PBR for the Old Style just to mix things up.
Man, your beer tastes seem to line up with mine right down the line.

In America, PBR has been my Go-To for 30 years, since before I was able to legally drink it, but back in the late 1980's when Old Style was sold in Utah (it was 3.2%) I used to buy it regularly, they sold 12 packs of the little stubby "Hand Grenade" bottles that I used to love (Red Stripe uses the same shaped bottle) and on a hot Salt Lake City summer evening, those suckers went down pretty easy.

Now after being here in Poland, I am in Beer Nirvana, as Polish piwo is perfect for me, light (in color, not in taste) lagers and especially Pilsners (my overall favorite style of beer) are like a religion here (like they need another one ) and I try new ones almost every week, and as I have mentioned before, the fluid oz. equivelent of an American 6 pack is around $2.50 for mass market brands (Zywiec, Tyskie, Lezajsk) maybe a buck more for a "Micro-brew" label, and imported German, Dutch, Czech or Slovakian beer is somehow almost the same price as domestic brands if I am in the mood for something different.

I like American beer, and I started drinking American micros right when the expolsion first started in the late 1980's, and as I was seeing the Grateful Dead play every chance I got back then, I spent a LOT of time at Ground Zero in the early days of craft brewing (specifically Northern California, Oregon, Washingtom and Colorado) but for my tastes these days, as I get older, most American micros are too heavy, too filling and too substantial for me to want to have more than one of at a setting, so I couldn't be in a better geographical area for my favorite beers.

(My plan was originally to move to Prague to teach English, in no small part because of my love of Czech pivo, I had been there several times in the past and always enjoyed the Czeck way of life very much. Before settling down, I decided to visit Krakow for one week, just to sightsee and check out a new place for the hell of it. By far, the single best decision of my entire life. Na Zdrowie!)