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Originally Posted by bobot View Post
For a lighter (ABV) beer that still tastes really good I've been a fan of this one recently. Lots of availability in the Chicago area, I just don't know about elsewhere.
I have no idea about the caloric makeup, but for 4.3% ABV it is still quite tasty.
Estimated calories I could find on that is 129. Not bad at all. I'm happy to see more and more of these "sessionable" beers come on the market. That said, a lot of these "session" beers are still over 4.5% (like Founders All-Day IPA), which I feel is still a tad high. For me, the cutoff is at about 4.2%. While I do tend to drink beers in the 5-7% abv range, it'd be nice to see some more of the lighter, but still flavorful, styles like English Milds and Ordinary Bitters get a little love after the American brewing tendency of taking a style and exaggerating it to its limits. Not that I don't enjoy that kind of fun experimentation -- I absolutely do -- but when the market is flooded with these very strongly flavored styles, my first instinct as a brewer would be to go exactly the opposite and fill the niche of more delicately flavored and lower octane beers. Don't you want to distinguish yourself in the market? Do we really need yet another imperial stout or pale ale on the market?