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Originally Posted by Royal Nonesutch View Post
Now after being here in Poland, I am in Beer Nirvana, as Polish piwo is perfect for me, light (in color, not in taste) lagers and especially Pilsners (my overall favorite style of beer) are like a religion here (like they need another one ) and I try new ones almost every week, and as I have mentioned before, the fluid oz. equivelent of an American 6 pack is around $2.50 for mass market brands (Zywiec, Tyskie, Lezajsk) maybe a buck more for a "Micro-brew" label, and imported German, Dutch, Czech or Slovakian beer is somehow almost the same price as domestic brands if I am in the mood for something different.
What is the craft brewing scene like out there? When I left Budapest after 5 years in 2003, there was no craft brewing to speak of, and the Hungarian beers were not much to speak of. Certainly more flavorful than your American macros, but nothing special. The Austrian or German beers were usually a preferable choice for me, and there was one bar that had a fairly fresh Pilsner Urquell on tap that I loved (which is a beer I didn't think much of when I've had it anywhere outside this region.) Even when I visited in 2004, 2007, and 2010, it was still a static beer culture. Just your usual Hungarian brands.

The last time I visited, though, in 2017, the craft brewing scene in Budapest was absolutely bonkers. It went from a city where you could only find a very small handful of styles (basically pilsner/lager and bock) to having the full range of styles you'd find at your local hipster hangout here in the US. And they were really good at it! One of my favorites was a spiced ale flavored with Earl Grey. I'm not one typically for flavored beers, but this was very judiciously spiced, and not overpowering (like American "pumpkin" ales that are just a huge blast of nutmeg and cinnamon), but rather complementary.

Is there a similarly strong Polish craft scene these days?