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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
b) If I do nothing, assuming this push is legit, will this push be pushed down on me AUTOMATICALLY at some point? (In the past, this has killed my PC so I am hesitatant to accept.)
One of the big changes in the update from May is that it gives users more control over the feature updates (while still auto pushing the regular security patches). They are asking because that's part of their new model.

I had some annoying to fix issues with the SSD driver that the update recognized was an issue. This update also built a very extensive backup of the old system that took about 20 gigabytes. It then automatically asked if I wanted to delete it a day or two later when my system appeared to be stable with the update.

Microsoft seems to be working on addressing one of your big concerns. Ironically, they've created resistance to the update that fixes the behavior many people were upset about.